Akasha Light

Where Your Spiritual Light Shines Bright



Our candles are 100% handmade. Each candle color contains healing properties that aid in cleansing one’s space. i.e. room or house by removing negative and toxic spirits and energies. Our candles are designed to invite higher vibrations of sacred healing and divine love into every environment.


Our Rose petals are 100% Organic as well as edible and can be used when bathing and relaxing to add a natural aesthetic to your cleansing bath experience. Rose petals help promote Self Love and Beauty.


Our bath soaks are made of 100% Authentic Dead Sea Salt. Our selection of herbs are 100% organic and uniquely selected to encourage happiness, purification, protection, spiritual healing and self Love.


Our 100% handmade body butters are infused with cinnamon. Ancient history tells us that cinnamon is an extremely high vibrational spice and is used for attracting wealth & riches. For this reason, we have decided to infuse our body butters and refer to our butters as RICH.



Our books are designed to be used as a tool to better assist as you browse through the collections of candles, crystals, and healing self care bath supply needs.

The Mission

Is to remind everyone that it's perfectly okay to light a candle and make a wish every day of our lives and not just limited to once a year on our birthday. It's to encourage all beautiful evolving souls to take time to relax by way of cleansing baths and meditation while manifesting your wishes through intention & positive thinking.

I love, love, love, the scent of the candles; its so wonderful. I love the presentation its beautiful.

The product is wonderful the shea butter is amazing and the candle scent is to die for. Great product to purchase I will share with friends & family.

Emma R. Johnson

I absolutely love it! I love the message. I love the positive energy tea. Its all good energy and beautifully packaged. It shows that love & pure intentions went into this.. I plan to use the kit right now, I really need it. Thank You so much Akasha Lite.

Quin Whatley

I got the package! Smells amazing!

The package was in tact, no damages and very pretty. Wishing you Success.

Jamila Lathan-Cuffie

My skin loves it!! Great product Sis. Send the link to order more please. I need my cream asap!

Lakia Ross